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Visual Event

Content sharing platform for events

Amplify the impact of your events by using a content sharing platform, engage your community (through contests, drive-to-store, etc.), collect CRM opt-in data, measure your reach and re-use media created for your brand’s communication chanels.

Visual Commerce

User Generated Content (UGC) Curation

Collect automatically pictures posted by your community on social media (UGC) and index the content to allow for quick search. Release image rights and enrich those content with tags and links to serve your brand’s various communication chanels: website, newsletter, ad banners, etc.



Social media users prefer their purchase decisions to be ``influenced`` by their own followers rather than by brand messages.



Engagement in the form of comments associated with visual content (UGC) increases conversion rates by 74% on average.



Three out of every four social media users enjoy sharing their purchase experience on the Internet and social media.


Reduced prices

Using UGC reduces cost per click, cost per action and cost per acquisition by 50%.

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