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88% of French people are seeking information online before an in-store purchase. As a result, it is now critical to connect with your customers in a new way and become a connected retail.

Brick and mortar stores must become experiential locations once again with the help of the digital world.

Digitalisation is an excellent tool to attract and retain customers in point of sales and offer a renewed in-store experience.

Headoo offers solutions to engage store visitors during special operations and product launches and even in your fitting rooms.  Those solutions can also be used to inform your customers, connect with sales persons and amplify customer experiences on social media. A lot of different companies have been using those solutions in the optical, hair & beauty, cosmetics and fashion sectors. Your business could be the next one!

 iPad Booth

Turn the fitting room experience into a fun and shareable activity by simply adding our iPad booth on a wall.

Social Mirror

Connected fitting room with an interactive social mirror, allowing gamification and social media sharing right from your store.

Pop-up Store

Create a photo or video experience, pick up a device (camera, tablet, photo booth, smartphone, visual gallery, etc.), set up a bespoke and interactive scene and display the social interactions of your visitors.

Connected sales person

Associate the Headoo experience with your connected seller application to stay in touch with your customers following their visit, whether or not they make a purchase.

Looking to connect your store?