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360 degree photo shoot in a studio.

Discover an innovative animation that offers visitors a singular 360° experience, making your events go viral. 64 cameras, arranged in a circle, are triggered at the same time to capture your guest from every angle, leading to the production of a personalised 360° video.<br />

A set-up with an amazing visual effect

An incredible user experience

4 to 10 metres of studio diameter, covered or uncovered

Live stream on YouTube

Possibilities for 360° scenes

Frozen Moment

Freeze time and give the impression viewers are floating through the scene. This is made possible with a simultaneous capture from all angles.

Stop and Start

Ordinary filming, but at any given time, the camera can switch viewing angles and carry on with the filming.

Bullet Time

The infamous “Matrix effect” activates a rapid-fire camera capture, that includes 360° rotation.

Boomerang Effect

The Instagram Boomerang effect in 360 degrees, animating a video sequence and playing it through forwards, then backwards repeatedly.

Light Painting

Combine light painting and slow motion to create highly shareable and unique content.

Green Screen

A green screen covering is also available, to add special effects or additional scenery during post editing.<br />

Our creations.



Internal/external branding, carpet, embedded software, digital video sharing platform.

Additional equipment

Immersive tunnel before entering the studio, specific lighting…etc

Studio size

Between 4 and 10 metres in diameter, full-panel studio or circular rig only.

Watch the videos in the Selfie 360° playlist on YouTube: