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Selfie 90

A 90° to 180° rig

A 90° video for a next generation photo call, tested and approuved by Beyoncé and Sara Jessica Parker on Instagram.

Exceptional video content with 3D effects

An innovation that drives virality

An compact installation of a photo call including 9 cameras

Highly customisable (background, accessories, platform, watermark)

Exists in a 180° variant (with 15 cameras)

Discover new possibilities

See the difference for yourself between 180° and 90° video content, and the corresponding number of cameras that can be installed.

Frozen Moment

Freeze time and give the impression viewers are floating through the scene. This is made possible by a simultaneous capture from all angles.

Bullet Time

The infamous “Matrix effect” activates a rapid-fire camera capture, making for slow-motion capture that includes 90° rotation

Light Painting

Combine light painting and slow motion to increase exposure time, allowing for an animated light painting effect in the studio space.

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